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  • BWH Hotels is a global hospitality network comprised of three hotel companies: WorldHotels Collection, Best Western® Hotels & Resorts and SureStay® Hotels.

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  • Become a Best Western Rewards member and enjoy exclusive benefits, attractive offers and promotions and earn points while you sleep. Good to know: Being a ...

  • Best Western Rewards - Go. Get. Rewarded.

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  • Standardized Greeting at Check-in - Front Desk personnel shall offer a standard greeting to all Best Western Rewards Elite Members, which shall include at a.

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  • This applies not only to hotels new to Best Western International, but also to long-time members. ... BW hotels in connection with protel or perform on its ...

Memberweb Bw (2024)


Who is the Best Western parent company? ›

Portfolio. BWH Hotels serves as the umbrella parent organization to WorldHotels, Best Western Hotels & Resorts and SureStay Hotels. This brand architecture brings a full-suite of options to travelers and developers, while also protecting the unique identity of each brand.

How many points for a free night at Best Western? ›

Free nights range from 5,000 to 70,000 points, depending on the property type and location. Best Western Rewards members must have the necessary number of points to complete a free night based on the hotel's individual point tier level. Search for hotels using your Best Western Rewards points.

What is the best way to use Best Western points? ›

The most valuable way to redeem your points is by booking free nights at Best Western properties worldwide. There are other redemption options available, like gift cards and merchandise, but you'll generally get a much lower value for your points when you redeem for these.

What are the Best Western points worth? ›

Points are redeemable in 1,000 point increments and every 1,000 points is worth $5 off the cost of your room!

Who owns Best Western now? ›

The brand was founded by M. K. Guertin in 1946. As of December 2021, Larry Cuculic is the president and CEO of Best Western. As of 2018, it was nonprofit owned by its franchisee members.

Who is the CEO of Best Western? ›

BWH Hotels' executive team, led by President and Chief Executive Officer Larry Cuculic, is one of the most experienced and accomplished teams of executives in the travel industry. During their tenure, BWH Hotels has achieved unprecedented success.

What is the highest level of Best Western Rewards? ›

The highest tier, Diamond Select, normally requires you to earn at least 50 nights, 40 stays or 50,000 bonus points. Here's a closer look at each tier and its benefits.

How much do you get paid at Best Western? ›

Average Best Western hourly pay ranges from approximately $10.08 per hour for Dishwasher/Busser to $25.46 per hour for Building Engineer. The average Best Western salary ranges from approximately $27,387 per year for Operario/a de limpieza to $112,304 per year for Vice President of Operations.

Is it possible to get a free night at a hotel? ›

The opportunity to stay for free at IHG Owners Association member hotels worldwide is one of our most recognized and valued benefits. With simple booking options for members and enhanced protections for hotels, the Free Nights Program is better than ever.

Can I get the Best Western points if I book through Expedia? ›

Earning Best Western Rewards points for hotel stays

You will earn 10 points per $1 spent on eligible stays. An eligible stay is defined as a stay that is not booked: Through an online travel agency (like Orbitz,, Expedia or Kayak).

Is Best Western a good hotel chain? ›

Recently, Business Travel News (BTN) selected Best Western® as the No. 2 Midscale Hotel Brand in BTN's 2022 Hotel Brand Survey. This high-profile recognition speaks to Best Western's status as a brand of choice for business travelers.

Can you use Best Western points on Amazon? ›

The Best Western Rewards program also allows you to redeem points for frequent flyer miles with the program's airline partners. Plus, you can use points to purchase gift cards, including vouchers for Amazon.

How to use Best Western free night voucher? ›

Use of the Best Western Free Night Award (FNA) to Book Online Reservations at When making an online reservation, guests will be prompted to enter their Best Western FNA number, Sequence number, PIN, and a personal credit card or other form of payment to guarantee the booking.

How much are 50,000 reward points worth? ›

50,000 reward points are worth around $500 , on average, but the exact value depends on which rewards program is offering the points and how you redeem them. In some cases, your reward points could be worth a lot more or a lot less.

How many dollars is 10000 SW points? ›

10,000 Southwest points are worth around $139 when redeemed for airfare. While Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards points are most valuable when redeemed for Travel, they're also redeemable for gift cards, hotel stays, merchandise, and more.

What hotels is Best Western affiliated with? ›

About BWH Hotels

BWH Hotels is a leading global hospitality enterprise comprised of three hotel companies including WorldHotels, Best Western® Hotels & Resorts and SureStay Hotels®.

What hotel chains are part of Wyndham? ›

As of 2024, it has a portfolio of 25 hotel brands, amongst them are Days Inn, Howard Johnson's, Ramada, Super 8 and Travelodge.

What hotel chains are owned by Hilton? ›

Hilton has 22 brands across different market segments, including Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Canopy by Hilton, Curio, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, DoubleTree by Hilton, Embassy Suites by Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton by Hilton, Homewood Suites by Hilton, Home2 Suites by Hilton, Hilton Grand Vacations Club, Hilton ...

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